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The Startup Experience is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
We offer intensive transformational workshops designed to inspire young people to become change makers.


We introduce students to the entrepreneurial mindset and provide hands-on training in high impact entrepreneurship.
Participants develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the skills to build scalable ventures that solve real problems.



The workshop simulates life in a startup by challenging participants to learn new modes of team-based problem solving, ideation, and business model development to create a working foundation for a viable company.


Work with your team to select a problem area, analyze the context and define a problem statement


Get inspired by technology trends and use systematic creativity to generate tons of new ideas


Test whether you have found a real opportunity by validating your assumptions with potential users


Develop a business model and build a prototype so you can demonstrate your idea


Prepare, Practice and Present your new startup idea to a professional jury

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Why choose us?

High energy, interactive, transformational

This is NOT your typical academic course.
The Startup Experience programs are extremely fast-paced and we expect our students to be 100% committed to working hard on their new startups.

We specialize in HIGH ENERGY and we guarantee that we can get our students to change their behavior and start thinking as entrepreneurs in just two days!

The Startup Experience is a proven workshop program that has been developed in collaboration with educators from leading universities and experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Our programs have been tested with students from many different cultural backgrounds and is now running successfully in 20+ countries on five continents around the world. We work with both accelerators, colleges, universities and high schools and can customize the programs to fit the skills of the participants.

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The Startup Experience

This two-day course is ideal for students and first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to put all your energy into building a new company in two days. We form new startup teams based on your entrepreneurial skills and guide you through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Startup Experience LAUNCH

Our LAUNCH program is geared towards startup teams that already have a well defined business idea. During this two-day program we teach you the most effective techniques to conduct advanced user experiments to test your sales/marketing strategy and pricing model. We will help you build and launch your startup the way Silicon Valley rock stars do it!

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What people say about us

He disguised himself as Henrik but he’s actually the Energizer Bunny. Henrik is a really charismatic guy bubbling with energy and eager to impart knowledge. The event I attended at Santa Clara University hosted by him has to be one of the best/most productive weekends of my life. Our team actually stumbled onto something really cool and I might spend the rest of my life working on it. And no, that is not an exaggeration. The event was planned really well and even though you essentially spend two days sitting inside a room “working” on your ideas, it never feels like work. There’s never a dull moment if Henrik’s doing an event around you, I’d highly recommend you attend it. It will change the way you think.

Yajas Dwivedi,
Santa Clara University, USA

Attended the workshop in San José, Costa Rica. The energy that both Henrik and Eme brought and their passion for entrepreneurship is something to behold. They are not only passionate about it but focused on how to teach it, convinced that they are helping the world become a better place. The tools taught are invaluable and I must admit I hope I can share their thoughts and ideas with many others and help them change their lives the way I know this workshop has opened my eyes and will be a vital part of many changes in mine.

Jack Raifer,
San José, Costa Rica

I attended the workshop at UCLA, and it was an amazing and inspiring experience. The coaching team was great at taking us through the learning process. Henrik is a great presenter, and I was amazed by the dynamic and passion shared by people ready to take risks and start their own company. Before the workshop, I did not know what was the process to create startup ideas, but now I want to be part of this community, and I feel better prepared.


I attended the Startup Experience at PESIT, Bangalore and it was brilliant! It was a truly unique experience that inspired my team to start our own company. Thank you Henrik for your positive energy, enthusiasm and great advice, and thank you Intel for bringing us together to be part of something extraordinary!

Aquila Khanam,
PESIT, Bangalore, India

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